My whiteboard is not loading, what should I do?


Even though Smarthinking's whiteboard is primarily based in HTML5, it requires flash plug-in support.

Please do the below settings:

For Chrome
Step 1: Click on Chrome’s error icon (puzzle piece with a red square with white x in the center) that appears on the far right hand side of the address bar.
Step 2: Choose the option "Always allow" plugins on
Step 3: Click done after choosing the option. 

For Mozilla
Step 1: Click on Firefox’s open menu icon (three horizontal lines) that appears on the far upper right hand corner of the browser.
Step 2: Choose the "Add-ons" icon (puzzle piece).
Step 3: Choose then “Plugin” icon (lego piece).
Step 4: Search for Shockwave Flash and make sure it’s set to “Ask to Activate”.
Step 5: Click on Allow in the popup notification on the whiteboard & choose “Allow and Remember” for to run “Adobe Flash”.
Step 6:  If you have dismissed the popup, look for the (lego) piece icon, to the far left of the address bar & choose “Allow and Remember” for to run “Adobe Flash”.