How do I start a live session?


1. Log into your SMARTHINKING account. 
2. Go to Drop-In Tutoring.
3. Choose the subject area you want from the list of subjects. This will take you to a tutorial room where you can initiate an online whiteboard session with one of our trained tutors.
4. Wait for the whiteboard to load. Review the instructions in the middle of the page. Then click the 'Start' button to continue. 
5.Type your question and click the 'Enter Question' (top-right corner)button.
6.When the tutor is ready to help you, you will get a notification (visual & audio). You may now communicate with the tutor by typing on the whiteboard area. 
7. Use the Exit/Options button at the top-right corner when you are done. 
8. Click End Session to confirm and exit.