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21 Why am I getting an error message when I enter the code from my Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) textbook?

If you received a NEW textbook and you are unable to log in with the credentials in the back of your LWW textbook, please contact Smarthinking Customer Service at support@Smarthinking.com or request for a call back from the following page: http://smarthinking.com/support/customer-service/…

22 Why does it say "You Already have a Connect Now Request" when I try to connect?

You get this message, if you have come out of a live Whiteboard session abruptly without clicking on the tab - 'End Session'. Please follow the below instructions: *Login to your Smarthinking account. *Click on 'Restart Session' which is highlighted in Blue…

23 Will Smarthinking services work with Chrome (Opera; other open source browsers)?

Yes, Smarthinking services are certified to work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Other browser applications may function with out services, we only test and validate usage with these 4 browsers and cannot provide technical support for…