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1 Can I access Smarthinking on iPad? Featured

Yes, you can download our “Smarthinking” app from the Apple App Store. Our app will provide you access to Drop-in Tutoring and Writing Submissions.

2 Can we use Smarthinking services on Google Chromebook? Featured

Yes, Smarthinking services are certified to work on Google Chromebook. You will not be required to change any of your settings.

3 Can I use Windows 7 with Smarthinking?

Yes. You may receive an error message when Smarthinking does a system check, but our tutoring services are compatible with Windows 7 operating systems. Select “Continue” if you receive the error message and then proceed to your home page.

4 How can I reach Customer Service?

Customer Service is available from 8AM to 9PM ET Monday through Friday at Support@Smarthinking.com or you can leave a request for a call back from the following page: http://smarthinking.com/support/customer-service . Please be sure to include your full name,…

5 How can I update my time zone?

The time zone in your account affect some functionalities of our services. For example, all private sessions times are displayed in your local time zone. 1. Log into your SMARTHINKING account. 2. Click on "Manage Account" to the top right hand side of your…

6 How do I retrieve my essay that is returned to my Smarthinking account?

1. Log into your SMARTHINKING account. 2. At the top, right side of the page you will find “Personal Archive”, please click on that. 3. On left side you have filters, check the “writing” box under Type, “returned” under status. On right side of…

7 How do I start a live session?

1. Log into your SMARTHINKING account. 2. Go to Drop-In Tutoring. 3. Choose the subject area you want from the list of subjects. This will take you to a tutorial room where you can initiate an online whiteboard session with one of our trained tutors. 4. Wait…

8 How do I submit my essay for review?

1. Log into your SMARTHINKING account. 2. Click on Writing Center, and select a subject from the list. 3. Fill out the essay submission form. All red fields are required. 4. To upload your essay, click on the Browse button and locate your essay on the hard…

9 How to change my file format?

Please follow the below instructions to change your file format:- 1. Open your essay in its current format (using Microsoft Word or WordPerfect). 2. Click on File and select Save As. 3. Select a location to save the file from the Save in drop-down menu. We…

10 My whiteboard is not loading, what should I do?

Even though Smarthinking's whiteboard is primarily based in HTML5, it requires flash plug-in support. Please do the below settings: For Chrome Step 1: Click on Chrome’s error icon (puzzle piece with a red square with white x in the center) that appears…

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