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1 Can I access Smarthinking on iPad? Featured

Yes, you can download our “Smarthinking” app from the Apple App Store. Our app will provide you access to Drop-in Tutoring and Writing Submissions.

2 Can we use Smarthinking services on Google Chromebook? Featured

Yes, Smarthinking services are certified to work on Google Chromebook. You will not be required to change any of your settings.

3 How do I enable cookies? Featured

In order for your logged in session on our site to work properly, our application will need to write several cookies to your machine. However, Smarthinking does not write any cookies that last longer than the life of a particular logged in session you have…

4 How to allow pop ups for Smarthinking site? Featured

To allow pop-ups from our website, please do the following: Internet Explorer users: Click the "Tools" menu, select the Pop-Up Blocker option and choose "Pop-up Blocker Settings." In the "Address of website to allow" field, please enter *. Smarthinking.com…

5 Can I use Windows 7 with Smarthinking?

Yes. You may receive an error message when Smarthinking does a system check, but our tutoring services are compatible with Windows 7 operating systems. Select “Continue” if you receive the error message and then proceed to your home page.

6 Do I need ActiveX enabled? (Internet Explorer users)?

ActiveX refers to a type of program that can be run by the browser to perform tasks on your machine. If you are running Internet Explorer, you will need ActiveX enabled to take advantage of some screen capture functionality in use with our whiteboard application.…

7 Do I need to enable JavaScript?

JavaScript is a language that web sites use to assist in processing and displaying information. The Smarthinking application uses JavaScript in many areas and you must have JavaScript enabled to use Smarthinking services. To enable JavaScript: Microsoft Internet…

8 My whiteboard is not loading, what should I do?

Even though Smarthinking's whiteboard is primarily based in HTML5, it requires flash plug-in support. Please do the below settings: For Chrome Step 1: Click on Chrome’s error icon (puzzle piece with a red square with white x in the center) that appears…

9 What are the minimum system requirements for Smarthinking’s Audio enabled subjects?

The flash base supports Google Chrome 11+ (however, Flash is currently not compatible with Chrome incognito mode), Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 5+, and Firefox 3.6+ with Flash 10.1 or higher installed. Port Requirements TCP: 80, 443, 843 and 1935 Minimum…

10 What are the minimum technical requirements needed to use Smarthinking?

Operating System : Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac (10.4+), Google Chromium, iOS, Android Browser : Internet Explorer (Version 8.0 & above), Firefox 12.0+, Google Chrome and Safari 5.0+ Internet : Connection: Minimum 256 kbps or above Outbound Port to be opened…

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