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What are the minimum system requirements for Smarthinking’s Audio enabled subjects?
Reference Number: AA-31313 Views: 11616 Created: 04-09-2014 12:07 AM Last Updated: 04-09-2014 12:28 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

The flash base supports Google Chrome 11+ (however, Flash is currently not compatible with Chrome incognito mode), Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 5+, and Firefox 3.6+ with Flash 10.1 or higher installed.

Port Requirements

TCP: 80, 443, 843 and 1935

Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

Upload: 6 kilobytes/second
Download: 6 kilobytes/second

Test to see if your browser meets these requirements: http://clientsupport.twilio.com/

Audio Troubleshooting Guide

Below you can find some troubleshooting steps to resolve common problems

If you are unable to establish a call:

·         Check open network ports in your router / firewall / antivirus software

·         Confirm a network connection is currently available

If no audio or one-way audio is experienced in a Client call: 

·         Check open network ports in your router / firewall / antivirus software (step 2 in pre-launch checklist)

·         Confirm the hardware is correctly attached and ensure the correct microphone and speakers are selected in software settings

·         Check to ensure the microphone is not muted (some have a hardware mute button) and the speaker volume is turned up

If call audio has dropouts:

·         Twilio Client requires a high speed and low latency network connection.  Benchmark the network using the tests below and aim to improve the scores.

o    Ping test

o    Speed test

·         Enable router QoS or prioritize traffic for Twilio Client (step 3 in pre-launch checklist)

·         Reduce network activity not related to VoIP or use a separate network for VoIP workstations

If call audio is garbled:

·         Use a headset instead of built in computer microphone

·         Reduce ambient noise such as nearby speakers or fans

·         Adjust the distance of the microphone from the mouth – too close can cause audio clipping

·         Adjust microphone levels in the computer’s sound settings

·         Ensure computer has resources available to process a call

o    CPU and RAM are not over utilized

o    Close un-needed applications and browser tabs

o    Try disabling antivirus software